wyoming project

the climate of wyoming

                       Jan           Feb        Mar      Apr     May      Jun        Jul       Aug     Sep      Oct          Nov     Dec
Avg. Precip.    0.4 in       0.4 in      1.0 in     1.4 in    2.4 in    2.1 in    2.1 in     1.7 in    1.3 in     0.7 in    0.5 in    0.4 in
as you can see the average rain fall verys from point to point

there is about 60-70 inches of snow fall in the southwest portion of the state. snow is very light in the big horn basin.the.mountains of wyoming  gets well over 200 in of snow fall in the state of wyoming.in the south west ranger station of the yellow stone park they receive more than 265 in of snowfall each season.
there was a BIG flood in the state of wyoming a while ago.there was also a big explosion in a mine in wyoming.and there was a tornado in wyoming in 2005.  mostly there is BIG flooding and mud slides. they are the most active things that the state  is dealing with right now.